Win a White Rabbit

Win a White Rabbit

Designed by the fabulous SL Johnson for Fox Spirit Books

Designed by the fabulous SL Johnson for Fox Spirit Books

I am very pleased to announce that my book White Rabbit is out NOW from Fox Spirit Books. Just take a gander at that wonderful cover by S. L. JohnsonAKA the Queen of Everything. I can’t wait to hold the shiny in my own hands, so I’ve decided to share the wealth and give away a signed copy of the book to one lucky person here. And I’ll…

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13.1 Of Rakehells and Worry

13.1 Of Rakehells and Worry

The Big Splash by Kit Marlowe - 200“I don’t know what you mean,” Maggiormente mumbled more to his wine than to Eduardo, but he was spared the need to respond to his familiar’s penetrating question by the incredulous voice of Helen’s brother.

“You can’t be seriously contemplating racing this ship with an entirely new fuel this Saturday!” He shook his head. “It’s madness.”

Helen laughed. “I find it amusing that my rakehell…

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Dundee Spring

2014-04-18 14.41.01

2014-04-18 14.41.44

2014-04-18 14.52.50

2014-04-18 14.53.09

2014-04-18 14.53.27

2014-04-18 14.53.41

Hanging out in the Howff on a sunny day :-) Always a delight.

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Press this to your ears

13.0 Awkward in the Bakery

13.0 Awkward in the Bakery

The Mangrove Legacy by Kit Marlowe - 500“That was awkward.” Helen sighed as she threw herself down into a chair. Her cheeks were pink with lingering embarrassment from the stilted conversations over the meal. Lunch had never been such an ordeal at any time in her memory—even including the worst days of the wrangling between Mrs Hitchcock and Fairfax when the latter decided to tell her how she should be cooking the meat for their meals.

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Dundee by Way of Paris

Dundee by Way of Paris

2014-04-06 17.11.42

I am on my way again today and tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be back in Dundee. Hurrah! Apologies to all the folks I didn’t see this visit, but being without a car means being in the village. At least there was a lot of painting to do. Big thanks to Debi, Peg and Mary for visiting me out in the countryside. The house has a long way to go yet, but we are making progress. Hoping to…

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Airships & Alchemy 12.9: Never Alone

Airships & Alchemy 12.9: Never Alone

The Big Splash by Kit Marlowe - 200“So what are we going to call it?” Israel looked complacently at his brother. Apparently he had no concerns about the name and took the dismissal of his suggestion with serene equanimity.

—which was just as well because there was no possibility that Edgar would have considered his brother’s suggestions anyway, even if the only one so far had not been idiotic.

Someone had to be the brains of…

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Playing in the Mud

Playing in the Mud

2014-03-29 13.56.31

Spring may have slipped in while we were all looking at the snow that fell east of us (sorry, Connecticut). Our little spring is flowing great guns but we’re going to be digging it out a little to form a grotto. I visualise something like a Brigit well. I have new wellies and everything.

2014-03-29 13.43.33

We have a new weeping willow. It’s wee yet but I’m sure it will grow well down in the swampy area. We’re…

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Apologies: The Vapours

It seems your humble narrator has come down with an attack of the vapours. While the prognosis seems positive overall, she will be laid low for a time and unable to produce another piece for this delightful serial at the moment. She humbly begs your forbearance. In the mean time, you may wish to amuse yourself with her stories already completed.

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Building Interest

2014-03-27 14.31.11

I really do like the blue walls and ceiling and bookshelves in my office. Suddenly it’s a whole new world. More places for books and media, but also a whole different feel to the place as well. Even once I took the blue paint masking tape off the windows and it no longer looked like TARDIS cathedral.

2014-03-26 17.05.05

My god, you say — it’s been almost a week. Don’t you have any new publications coming out?Hey,…

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